CECI’s Education Programs Create Excitement in Israel

Since CECI’s launching of its Ambassador’s Project in March 2009, approximately 20 Israeli schools (2000 students) have participated in this program, which aims to encourage leadership skills and civic involvement. It also enlighten students about the problem of Israel’s government instability.  The highlight of the program is entering  a competition which will award a trip to the United States to 5 students and 1 teacher, who will get the chance to meet elected U.S. officials in Washington D.C and California, and witness first-hand American democracy in progress.

The Ambassador’s Project is supported by many high-level officials, elected politicians, businessmen, civic leaders and academia. During the months of November and December Izzi Borovich, Michael Strauss and Orit Rishpi gave lectures in various high schools.

On December 28, 2009, CECI held a meeting at Ironi High School.  Ms. Noga Keinan, Chairman of the CFO Forum (Chief Financial Officers) and member of the CECI-sponsored “Economic Forum for Government Stability”, presented a lecture for the 12th grade students.  Ms. Keinan also addressed Israel’s problem of government instability and how it affects current civic issues such as the water crisis and difficulties in the education system.

CECI’s Civics Website Program, currently in its pilot stage at 5 schools, is attracting a great interest as well.  Mayors of various cities are calling to request the program to be implemented in their high schools.  With the help of chat rooms, teachers and students forums and online operators the program helps Israeli students prepare for the mandatory Matriculation Exam in Civics.

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