A Renewed Search for Our Jewish Identity

On February 25, 2010, The Young Leaders of The American Friends of The Citizens’ Empowerment Center in Israel (CECI) hosted an exclusive reception in honor of social activist and entrepreneur Galia Albin. The event was held at the residence of Abe and Nora Shofet in Beverly Hills.

Albin traveled to Los Angeles to share her passion for the renewal of a strong Jewish identity, something she believes has been lost in the hearts of the young generation of Jewish citizens.

Albin has a law degree from Tel Aviv University, undergraduate and graduate degrees in psychology from Northwestern University and an MBA from Harvard Business School.  She naturally found a niche in politics. Shortly after leaving her company, she joined the Kadima Party and attempted to win a seat in the Israeli Parliament.  Her attempt to enter Israeli politics reflects her strong desire to share her patriotic views with others.

“My generation got Israel on a Silver Platter straight from parents who escaped the Holocaust.”

“Our problem and the instability of our government in Israel is because we lost the sense of identity. Each citizen in Israel feels, hey it’s all about me. No, it’s about the country. The only party that matters is the party that is called the State of Israel.  We forgot one agenda, called the State of Israel.”

Consistent with CECI’s efforts in Israel, Albin echoed the importance of teaching young people about their civic rights and responsibilities, along with emphasizing that education and a strong sense of identity are integral in building a stable and enduring future for the State of Israel.

Approximately 80 guests were in attendance, including young professionals and community leaders. An open “Q & A” session followed Ms. Albin’s speech.  Attendees were able to meet Ms. Albin one-on-one and participate in a raffle, where the top prize was a round-trip airline ticket to Israel, courtesy of EL AL Airlines.

The evening’s sponsors included:  El Al Airlines, Bank Leumi, Sara J. Pastries, Cloud 9, and Lee’s Liquors.

Photo by Orly Halevy (from left to right): Nora Shofet, Soraya Nazarian, CECI Dir of Development, Edna Naftaly, Bank Leumi Beverly Hills Sr. VP, Galia Albin, Liora Avrahami, El Al Regional West Coast Manager, and Abe Shofet.

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