Excitement Builds As New Agreement Moves Closer to Government Reform

Dear Friends,

I am thrilled to report that on March 9, 2010, I was present at a ground-breaking meeting organized by CECI’s Economic Forum for Government Stability in Israel where prominent Israeli leaders achieved a new milestone in government reform.

The closed-door meeting took place at the Tel Aviv residence of Economic Forum member Michael Strauss. Present were representatives of Kadima and Israel Beiteinu Parties and members of the Economic Forum for Government Stability. The party representatives included: Kadima Party Chairperson MK Tzipi Livni, Kadima Council Chairman Mr. Haim Ramon, and Chairman of the Constitution, Law and Justice Committee MK David Rotem from the Israel Beiteinu Party. In addition to myself, other members of the Economic Forum for Government Stability included: Dora Kadisha, Elishai Yanai, Amos Shapira, Dani Gillerman (former Ambassador of Israel to the UN), Professor Israel (Izzy) Borovich, Professor Daniel Friedman, Professor Gideon Doron, and Haim Asa.

It was inspiring to witness the passion of the senior politicians and fellow businessmen craft an agreement to advance the quest for remedying the problem of government instability. Meeting discussions included concern over the increased power of the smaller parties, which undermines the Knesset’s power as a legislative authority within the government’s system of checks and balances. For many, the highlight of the forum meeting was the fact that representatives of the Coalition and Opposition came together with economic leaders putting aside partisan concerns, in order to propose an agreement which would be best for the future of The State of Israel.

Some critical points were agreed upon which will be further developed prior to formal announcement by the parties involved.

To read more, click on the link to Israeli TV Channel 2 coverage of the event:


Warmest regards,

Izak Parviz Nazarian

Tel Aviv, Israel


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