Top Israeli Businessman Sites Problems With Government Instability

April 8, 2010, Charles (Chuck) and Kharlene Boxenbaum hosted an exclusive reception for The American Friends of The Citizens’ Empowerment Center in Israel (CECI) at their residence in Beverly Hills. Guests were privileged with a “behind the scenes” in-depth perspective of the current reality facing Israel’s government by Professor Israel (Izzy) Borovich, former Chairman of EL AL Airlines and current member of Israel’s “CECI Forum for Government Stability”

Professor Borovich spoke of his tenure as head of EL AL and explained the difficulties faced because of Israel’s chronic problem of government instability. “During the time I served as the Executive Director of Knafaim and EL AL Airlines, the government changed 14 Ministers of Transportation and 11 Ministers of Tourism.”

Professor Borovich also echoed the importance of CECI’s current educational initiatives in empowering young people and making them more aware of their civic rights and responsibilities. He particularly emphasized “The Ambassadors’ Project” and the work of “The CECI Forum for Government Stability”, whose efforts are urging Knesset members to unite, take charge, and mandate electoral reform.

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