CECI Debate Program Crowns Winner

Dear Friends,

It is with great pride that I update you that on Tuesday, March 8, 2011, the final rounds of competition of CECI’s “Siach ve Sig” Debate Program in Israel and award ceremony were held in cooperation with Israel’s Ministry of Education at the auditorium of Beit ha Tfutsot (Museum of Diaspora) at Tel Aviv University.

The final competition included debate teams from four high schools — Herzeliya, Hod-Hasharon, Rishon Lezion and Tel-Aviv.

The Israeli College Debate Team, which won first place (in English language) at the International Competitions at Oxford University, trained the high school teachers for CECI’s debate program and served as judges for the finals.

As you may be aware, March 8th was the International Day of Women. The bright, enthusiastic finalists eloquently debated different aspects of the topic addressing abuse of female images in advertising. The winning school was Ironi Dalet from Tel Aviv, and the runner-up was Hadarim High School from Hod-Hasharon.

Minister of Education, Gideon Saar, attended the ceremony and spoke highly of CECI and its educational initiatives. We were all very proud to receive his heartwarming praise. After the event, some parents expressed what an amazing “learning tool” the Debate Program has been for the students. Many revealed that the program brought them closer to their children by helping them prepare for competitions and discuss the pros and cons of different subjects.

I wish you could have been part of this amazing event! It truly was an impressive outcome for a pilot program, which began last year with only 20 schools.

Due to the tremendous interest generated by this initiative, next year, we plan to implement “Siach ve Sig” in over 300 Israeli high schools.

CLICK HERE to view the video that was presented at the final competition.

 Kindest regards,

Izak Parviz Nazarian

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