Nochi Dankner Joins “Forum For Government Stability in Israel”

On March 28, 2011, Israeli Globes Newspaper reported that businessmen Nochi Dankner, Avraham Biger, Dan Propper, Gazi Kaplan, and Executive Director of Ormat, Yehudit Bronicki, have joined “The Forum for Government Stability in Israel” in efforts to change the government system to allow the government to serve for 4 consecutive years.

The newcomers to the Forum join a large group of experts from the academic and business world including: Professor Uriel Reichman, philanthropist Izak Parviz Nazarian, Elisha Yanai, Amos Shapira, and Michael Strauss.

Other new Forum members include: Executive Director of the Toto – Offer Peri, President of the Chamber of Commerce – Uriel Lin, Head of Adjutant General Branch – Major General Elazar Stern, CEO of Clal Credit and Financing – Esti Friedman and CEO of Dapei Zahav Group – Nir Lampert.

During the last few months, the Forum has been able to initiate discussions between different political parties. Discussions have sparked a general agreement that the parties will continue to promote legislative changes to strengthen the government and the Prime Minister by increasing the number of votes needed to dissolve the government through a motion of “no confidence”.

Additionally, Forum members will consider the possibility of adopting “direct elections.” This will be done in an improved system, utilizing the lessons learned from the direct elections held between 1996-2001. The direct elections at that time harmed the larger parties and garnered harsh public and political criticism.

“The Forum for Government Stability in Israel” was founded by Nazarian and spearheaded by CECI, a non-political organization that promotes education for democracy, government stability and good citizenship.

According to the Executive Director of CECI and the Forum, Yuval Lipkin, “The problem of governance has become the biggest enemy of Israel’s democracy, and it harms every aspect of life for Israeli citizens. Long-term government programs are not being promoted, nor implemented because Ministers change so rapidly. Thus, important reforms in areas such as health and education are never realized.  Mr. Lipkin stated that it is impossible for public representatives to effectively manage elections every 2 years, therefore they will be increasingly dependent and focused on private donations, instead of being focused on their constituents and public interests. 

By Lilach Weisman – To read the complete article, please click:

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