Our Projects

The Ambassador’s Project

In March 2009, The Citizens’ Empowerment Center in Israel (CECI) commenced a new educational initiative in Israel called “The Ambassadors’ Project”. The project, which was created with the participation of the Ministry of Education, arranged for high-profile business leaders, government officials and civic leaders to visit 11th and 12th grade students in their civic classes.  These individuals gave presentations about the impact of Israel’s problem of government instability on daily life.  Five students and one teacher will be awarded a trip to the U.S. to meet with American politicians and witness first-hand American democracy in progress in Washington DC, and Los Angeles. This important program was created to help Israel’s youth better understand the democratic character of their country and to understand the dire need for government stability.

On, May 9, 2010, the Israeli media nationally announced the five student winners of the Ambassadors’ Project.  These winners were selected as having the best projects illuminating an alternative to Israel’s current electoral system.  The award was presented to them in a special ceremony at Tel Aviv University with members of “The Forum for Government Stability”.

* As of November 2009: 1900 Students in Training & 15 High Schools involved in program

Otzma Project (Sheba Scouts)

CECI has launched this project to help empower Sheba Ethiopian youths with the leadership and social skills necessary to help them integrate more easily into Israeli society.  Training includes courses in – Civics Identity, The State and Me, Personal Development, Human Dignity, The Community & Me, Me In the Israeli Social, and Government Stability.
The program is geared toward 9th grade Ethiopian students of cities in Beer Yacob and Ramla. Groups of 25 students meet and study together.

National Civil Service

CECI, in cooperation with the Prime Minister’s office, Civil Management, and the Organization for National Service, has created democracy education and leadership programs for Israel’s National Civil Service volunteers.  The goal is to promote the involvement of National Civil Service members in various disassociated sectors of society, and to increase their awareness of the importance of personal contributions as effective members of society.

* 120 students graduated from the CECI program in 2009

Youth Movement

CECI, in cooperation with the Youth Movements Council (MATAN), and under the auspices of the President of Israel, Shimon Peres, and the Ministry of Education, has created a training project for the Youth Movement Counselors.  The goal is to educate and empower the Counselors, the future leaders of Israel, with knowledge of democracy, civic involvement, and leadership skills through training seminars.

18,500 Youth Counselors were trained through CECI programs.
They will train 250,000 members of the Youth Movements.

* Number of groups: 1033

* Duration of course: June – August

3 Websites

1. Civics Website – The Ministry of Education has granted CECI the exclusive rights to create the electronic version of the civics study book “To Be Citizens in Israel”, for students to be able to study online.  This course is mandatory for students to obtain a high school diploma.

2. Online Students & Teachers’ Website – Teachers & students’ forums, with online tutors to aid with studies for matriculation civic exams, including test samples & chat rooms.

3. General Website – General information on CECI’s activities, news, educational programs, events, American Friends of CECI, membership, and donation opportunities, etc.


Publications and Surveys for PR and Conference Materials

Some Examples

1)      The Empowerment of the People: A Stable Liberal Democracy For Israel

2)      Israel’s Crisis of Democracy

3)      Israeli Political Science Association- Conference book 2006

4)      The President of Israel’s Commission for Examination of the Structure of Governance – First  report

5)      The President of Israel’s Commission for Examination of the Structure of Governance – Second report

6)      The President of Israel’s Commission for Examination of the Structure of Governance – Third report

7)      The President of Israel’s Commission for Examination of the Structure of Governance – Final report

8)      The Empowerment of the People: A Stable Democracy for Israel

9)      Personal Election System for Israel- regional- National – mono representative

10)  Obligation for the people conducting regions with mono representatives in the election system in     Israel

11)  The Israeli political system between governance and collapse

12)  The Supreme Court, Knesset, Government

13)  Parties in the era of electronic media

14)  The Knesset in the eye of the Israeli public its prestige and status

Public Relations & Education Advocacy

CECI is benefiting from an education advocacy group which prepares relevant materials to support its seminars and conferences.  The group brings a greater awareness of the consequences of Israel’s problem of government instability, and helps urge politicians to promote legislation, which will address the crisis and help solve it.  It also reaches out to the public to help people realize the dire political, social, economic, and future threats they face because of Israel’s current political challenge; thus highlighting the need for electoral reform, and maintaining the momentum of the cause.

Forum of Government Stability

CECI has created a forum of prominent Israeli business and community leaders, past and present elected officials and experts from academia to attend conferences regularly with key Israeli officials and politicians, to address the specific issues of government instability, and its impact on Israel’s society to seek alternatives to Israel’s current electoral system.

Book of the People (Visionaries of Israel)

In order to show the Diaspora’s support, CECI has been compiling a historical book – VISONARIES OF ISRAEL – BRIDGE OF SUPPORTERS.  This important document allows individuals to inscribe their personal message honoring Israel.  It is a way for the donors to be acknowledged for their financial  & moral support for CECI  and Israel’s government reform.  This document will be presented to the Knesset and, ultimately, archived at the Museum of the Diaspora in Tel Aviv.

Kol Kore (“A Voice Calling”) Scholarships

CECI provides grants and research scholarships for graduate students studying political, social, and government sciences at various Israeli universities.

CECI awards scholarships for the following topics at Tel Aviv University:

Political Science Department
·  Works in the fields of government and politics
·  Election and government systems methods in Israel and abroad
·  Government instability and its influence on all aspects of daily life

Department of Public Policy
·  Bureaucracy and the difficulties of implementation of government decisions
·  Governance and Politics
·  Government instability and its influence on all aspects of life

Law Department
·  Proposal law
·  The Executive Authority versus the Legislative and the Judiciary Authorities
·  Rights and duties of the citizen

Conferences & Seminars

CECI holds conferences to address Israel’s vital political issues and increase awareness of the serious challenges facing Israel’s government system, all in the quest to help pave the road to stability.  These important challenges must be remedied to ensure Israel’s future wellbeing.

Prominent politicians, members of academia, community leaders, and businessmen participate in these events. There are also seminars geared for students in the fields of leadership, democracy, and civic involvement.

Citizen’s Day

This Campaign was created to bring public support for Electoral Reform as soon as the legislatives and members of the Knesset are ready to push for new laws.

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